The Sales Revolution.

Discover how you can increase your sales by selling to Emotional Desires.

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Course Content.

STEP 1. Your limiting beliefs and blocks about money.

Watch Step 1


STEP 2. Connecting to Divine Light and Divine Love Energies


5.40 minutes of video content


STEP 3. Dissolving your limiting beliefs and money blocks Using Divine Light


9.22 minutes of video content

STEP 4. Connecting you to the frequency and energy of money


8.11 minutes of video content

Conclusion and how to become an affiliate


3.07 minutes of video content + text

Course Benefits.


Attract more money into your life


Use energy to clear your beliefs and blocks about money


Connect with 2 Divine energies

(no attunement necessary)


Use a proven step-by-step process


Get paid what you deserve, not what others think you’re worth


Become less stressed about money


You’ll come up with creative ways to make more money


Opportunities to make more money will open up for you


The course is very different to anything I’ve done before. It feels quite magical.  There are strange new concepts but explained really simply.  And it’s working!  I feel more positive about making money and I feel a shift already to an easier, more abundant relationship to receiving money.  The course is quite quick and easy to do.  And easy to implement at home.  I’m feeling excited about money flowing in and my new positive feeling towards money.  It’s empowering and has created a shift in negative feelings I had about my personal wealth and blocks I had, that I wasn’t really conscious of.


Wow! Probably the best course I have ever listened to. Can’t recommend this enough, the concepts and learnings are highly valuable and I encourage everyone to jump onto it. Thank you Marcus for an excellent breakthrough with money mindset.


Valuable and insightful content delivered clearly with evident authenticity. It was enjoyable to follow along with each step. Many thanks!


Great course! Clearing money blocks using energy and calling in Divine Love and Divine Light… very powerful! Thankyou Marcus!


This is a good course. The ideas in this course I haven’t seen before. I’ve just finished the course, and I definitely feel differently about money, not stressed about money etc so that definitely worked.

It’s too early to tell how much I’m going to attract as a result of this course, but I’m sure it will work too.

The course is short which is good and I like the simplicity of the way you use to attract money and dissolve your limiting beliefs about money.

Overall, it’s well worth doing this course and I would recommend it.